San Diego Bail Bonds

Freedom is a number one priority when you or a loved one finds themselves behind bars, so don’t gamble with your future. In business for over six decades, with locations throughout San Diego, “The King” is still holding court over the bail bonds industry.

While many people find the bail bond process overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of adding to your mounting headaches, embarrassment, and frustrations, let the pros at King Stahlman Bail Bonds do what they do best – get you and your loved ones out of jail quickly, affordably and discretely.

No matter your situation or circumstance, our services are ‘Most Wanted’ when it comes to fast-tracking your freedom. They include:

Bail Bonds – In most cases, when you are charged with a criminal offense and awaiting trial, the court will require you post bail before they will release you from jail. There are several parameters for the judge to consider when considering the amount a bail bond and we will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Bail Bond Costs – Helping people bail out of jail in a confidential and professional manner is our namesake. We will help you navigate the most affordable, hassle-free way to get out of jail quickly.

Bail Bond Resources It’s likely you’ve never needed a bail bond company before, so consider this a crash course, AKA, Bail Bonds 101. We’ll help you cut through the jargon, educating you on everything from bail laws, jails, courts, and schedules.

Payment Options – To expedite your release, we provide several payment options. While most clients will require a “signature bond” – a bond with no collateral – in some cases we will require an indemnitor (a co-signer) of the bond. We will discuss specifics with you based on your case.

We specialize in managing the stress that comes with unexpected crisis management, and you can count on us for reliable bail bond services, while maintaining the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.