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Property Bail Bonds in San Diego, CA

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In the event you or a loved one does not have sufficient cash for a cash or surety bail bond, the California law allows real estate holdings to be used to guarantee the accused will appear at their hearings and trial dates.

The person who owns the property and is posting bond must have equity equal to twice the bail amount. In addition, the property owner needs to keep in mind that if the accused does not appear in court, the property will be forfeited.

The Process for Posting a Property Bond

When posting a property bond in lieu of monetary bail bonds, the court will hold a hearing so a judge can determine who owns the property and the value of the property. It is essential that all persons listed on the property deed attend the hearing; otherwise, the property will not be accepted as bond. You must request the hearing through the Clerk of Court’s Office.

One the day of the court hearing, you must bring the following documentation:

  • Original or certified copy of the deed for the property
  • If one of the property owners is deceased, a death certificate must be submitted to the court of the person is still listed on the deed
  • Current lot book guarantee, or a preliminary title report obtained within the last 10 days
  • History of title liens against the property for the title company
  • Current tax appraisal for the property
  • Balance of all loans against the property
  • Affidavit /Understanding of the justification for bail
  • Original Homestead Deed, if necessary

Given the complexity of posting a property bond and the length of time it takes to process the bond, most people use property bonds as a very last resort.

Other Types of Bail Bonds in San Diego

The following are the different varieties of bail bonds we offer to residents of San Diego and surrounding communities:

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