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Meet Our Staff


Junior Stahlman

Hi my name is George Stahlman Jr. Born and raised in San Diego I started working for the family business at the tender age of 18 years old. It was my great fortune to learn every aspect of the bail bond business from my father, that great legend in the bail bond business George Stahlman Sr. the “King” himself. It is my proud privilege to carry on the bail bond legacy left to me by my father and to continue to serve the people of San Diego with the kind of expert professional service that they have come to expect from “King” Stahlman Bail Bonds. Contact Junior at junior@sdking.net


Dominick Tomaselli

I have held a bail bond license in the State of California for over 30 years. I take great pride in the fact that not only was I trained by the King himself, but ‘King’ Stahlman Bail Bonds has been the only agency I have ever worked for and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Contact Dominick at dominick@sdking.net


Ofelia Rodriguez

Ofelia started working for ‘King’ Stahlman Bail Bonds in August, 1983. She was educated in Central Mexico, earned an Executive Bilingual Secretary Degree, working for Birds Eye Company and Campbell’s soup for 4 years. She speaks, reads and writes Spanish fluently. “It was a delight and honor to work for Mr. Stahlman (never a dull moment), and I am very grateful to Mrs. Beverly Stahlman for all her knowledge, support and friendship.” In her spare time, she enjoys photography. Contact Ofelia at ofelia@sdking.net


Lorena Reyes

I have been a bail agent for 23 years. Prior to this, I was an insurance agent with Allstate for 5 years, advancing from customer service to underwriting policies. I write, speak and read Spanish, and enjoy shopping, spending time with family and traveling. Contact Lorena at lorena@sdking.net


Mary Ann Zingg

I have been with ‘King’ Stahlman Bail Bonds for 21 years, first licensed in 1981. I personally enjoy knowing and working with my fellow agents. Junior, Ofelia and Tanya are a great help in the daily business. Also, I must say what an honor to have worked for and to have known the “King;” what a character he was! Contact Mary Ann at maryann@sdking.net


Efren Ruiz

I have been working for ‘King’ Stahlman bail bonds since 1999. I began as a courier, and I liked it, so I decided to become a bail agent. In July, 2000 I proudly got my bail agent license, and have been working with the best bail bond company in San Diego, ‘King’ Stahlman” Bail Bonds, in the Downtown San Diego, Chula Vista and Santee offices. Contact Efren at efren@sdking.net


Anthony Kulczak

I have been a Bail Agent exclusively with ‘King’ Stahlman Bail Bonds since 2002, acquiring most of my bail bond knowledge with personal training by the “King” himself. Originally from Chicago, I moved to San Diego to pursue my bail bond career. In my spare time I enjoy traveling and leisure time with my beautiful wife. Contact Anthony at anthony@sdking.net


Tanya Dunaway

I have been happily employed at ‘King’ Stahlman Bail Bonds since 2004, having the privilege of working with both Mr. “King” Stahlman and his son, Junior Stahlman. These influential mentors have equipped me to handle the many different scenarios that occur in the bail bond business. I speak, read and write Spanish fluently, and enjoy doing outdoor activities with my family and friends in my spare time. Contact Tanya at tanya@sdking.net


Richard Leon

I began working 2004 for ‘King’ Stahlman Bail Bonds, serving the Vista (North county), Santee (East county), Chula Vista (South bay) and Downtown San Diego offices. It has been an honor being part of this company for all these years, and looking forward to many more to come. I can speak, read and write Spanish fluently, and in my spare time I enjoy fishing, sports and spending time with my family. Contact Richard at richard@sdking.net


Ricardo ‘Rico’ Araiza

Rico was hired by ‘King’ Stahlman Bail Bonds in 2004. He has lived in Americas finest city for 42 years. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching his younger son compete in club soccer, playing golf with his older son and traveling anywhere his wife will take him. Contact Rico at rico@sdking.net


John Diaz

John has been a licensed Bail Bondsman for ‘King’ Stahlman for 5 years. Prior to joining our team he worked 25 years in customer service/management, which enhanced his ability to provide the highest level of service to our clients. He speaks and writes Spanish, and enjoys spending time with his family, going to Padres games, the movies and riding roller coasters! Contact John at john@sdking.net


Luis Guzman

Luis has been a Licensed Bail Agent for ‘King’ Stahlman Bail Bonds for 3 years, with 8 years of certified customer service and management training. His education, training and work ethic equip him to provide the best services for our clients. He is fluent in speaking and writing Spanish, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends and watching sports in his spare time. Contact Luis at luis@sdking.net


Alain Fernandez

Alain is our newest Bail Bond Agent, also certified in Bail Fugitive Recovery. He is fluent in English and Tagalog, and currently learning Spanish, Japanese and Italian. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his son, camping, hiking, wakeboarding and snowboarding. He is a sports enthusiast too, enjoying football, basketball and soccer. Contact Alain at alain@sdking.net